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Foldable water bottles

Development Background

Plasticine Age - Dreadful Earth Environment

According to the material used by humans, now is the plastic age.
The advantage of plastic is that it is inexpensive, easy to process, easy to add color, light and corrosion-free,
and is the most efficient material.

Plastic is convenient, but wrong use will contaminate the earth.

The plastic does not rot, it remains fine plastic even if it is broken very small.
Plastics have a recycling rate of only 5-13%.
It is said that the size of the island was 14 times that of the Korean peninsula.

Let's Create The Lightest Green Bucket In The World

Each year, 1.5 million tons of plastic and 50 billion bottles of water are abandoned.
In 2009 we found a sea turtle that swallowed about 300 pieces of plastic in Australia and shocked us.
In 2009, we tested 141 species of 27 fish species and experimented them with 9.2% of fish.

It is now dangerous to eat fish.
But the plastic is still being discarded.

PET bottles are the main cause of contamination and bacterial contamination during reuse.
The goal of VITDAM is to minimize the use of PET bottles.
VITDAM made products that are lighter, more portable and hygienic than PET bottles.