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Foldable water bottles

Water bottle feature

Lightweight And Safe Water Bottle
The lightest water bottle in the world - Drink! Fold! Put it in your pocket!
주머니에 넣고

These portable foldable water bottles change your leisure and sports life.

You can reduce their size to about 1/20 after
drinking water and put them into your pockets.

  • 백패킹 People who want to
    do back-packing or hiking
  • 물 많이 People who drink much water
  • 아이습관 Housewives who want to make their
    children have a habit of drinking water
  • 과일을 물통에 People who want to enjoy sports,
    leisure activities and traveling
Sturdy foldable water bottle
Sturdy foldable water bottle

It Is Not Just Vinyl. Don’t Underrate It!

Skin 1 : Alleviate External Shocks: 25u
BON (Biaxially Oriented Nylon Film)
Skin 2 : Coordinate Adhesive Strength and
Tension of Inside Skin and Skin 1: 25u BON (Biaxially Oriented Nylon Film)
Inside Skin : No Endocrine Disruptors Detected: 150u
SLLDPE (Super Linear Low Density Polyethylene)

Safety Cap (Side Push-Up) 1 Safety Cap (Side Push-Up) 2

Safety Cap (Side Push-Up)

Safe way in that the bottle is opened only when lower ends of both sides of the cap are pressed with same power.
Slashes are drawn in the shape of waves on both sides so that consumers can easily understand and open it.

VITDAM water bottle has a strong durability that never tears.
In addition, water is not leaked by using patented super cap.

The most safe material water bottle

VITDAM water bottle uses 3 polymer technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria, and it is easy to clean because it can sterilize large entrance and boiling water.

안전한 유리

The Safest Glass For Bacteria

Glass is the most difficult material to reproduce, but it is not portable.

가볍고 세척이 쉬운 플라스틱

Light Plastic

Plastics are suitable for portable use but have a unique plastic smell and grime.

Multi-purpose Four-season Water Bottle

VITDAM water bottle is a multi-purpose bucket that can be used for four seasons.


If you use water frozen in frozen ginkgo water bottle, you can drink uncontaminated cool ice water.
(Please note that if you freeze for more than 2 days, the material may be damaged.)


Environmental hormones do not occur when you put hot water.
So you can enjoy a warm tea in the cold winter.

Product Features
Product Features

Can Be Frozen

You can fill a water bottle with about 2/3 of
its capacity and put it into a freezer erectly to freeze it.
You can use it as an ice-pack.

Can Use Hot Water (Hot Pack)

Can Use Hot Water (Hot Pack)

You can pour hot water of 100℃ into the bottle.
Endocrine disruptors are not detected.
Bottles are not deformed even if they are boiled.
Be careful about burns.

Easy to Keep after Foldable

Easy to Keep after Foldable

You can fold the bottle after using and put it
into your pocket!

Use by Hanging with a Clip

Use by Hanging with a Clip

You can easily hang the bottle using a loop of
your bag or knapsack to carry it.

No Endocrine Disruptors Detected, No Smell

No Endocrine Disruptors Detected, No Smell

Eco-Friendly New Material : Triple Lamination
Inside Skin (SLLDPE) + Skin (BONx2)
As there is no smell of vinyl, so the bottle gives no
uncomfortable feeling for drinking water.

No Smell No Smell No germ No germ No BPA No BPA